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Bowling for Shakefest

As part of a series of fundraisers to raise money for much needed funds for Shakefest and Charleville Castle Ireland, Shake Fest hosts one of our most fun events yet as we invite you to participate in Bowling for Shakefest!

On Thursday, February 26th at 8pm, we will be holding a fun bowling competition between at least 10 teams at Cosmic Bowl (Jumping Jacks, Tullamore).

All teams will play for the hour and the winner, 2nd place and 3rd place teams will all receive prizes in the form of festival weekend passes, complimentary vouchers and more! Everyone participating though regardless of finish will receive Shakefest gifts.

Price per team is €60 (and can consist of between 4-6 players.)

Facefest, taking place on June 20th at Charleville Castle, is also running their own bowling charity night at Rock N’ Bowl in Mullingar the same night, and the winners of Shakefest’s competition can (optional!) compete with the winners of Facefest at a later date with a GRAND PRIZE!


APPARENTLY Michael Jackson and his family used LANE 4 when he visited Jumpin’ Jacks in the summer of 2006. Who’s gonna get Lane 4???? Whoever does, HAS to complete the Moonwalk, merely out of respect.

Contact me now on to book your lane! Only works out to between €10 and €15 per person depending on number of team! 10 lanes are booked but we can get more if need be!


Visit the Facebook page to sign up for up to date information