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Enjoy one of the most Majestic Fireplaces of Charleville Castle,
Tullamore, Co. Offaly this Festive Season in your own home!

Charleville Castle boasts 200 year old fireplaces in the Grand Ballroom with a captivating artistic style. Charles William Bury created Earl of the second creation in 1806, a man of considerable wealth, joined into a fashion of castle building by engaging the services of the renowned architect Francis Johnston in the planning of the castle. The wonderful craftsmanship involved was mainly due to the skills of Irish people. Initial work on the castle itself commenced in 1798 with 14 years involved in the building of what many consider to be the finest Neo-Gothic Castle in all of Ireland.

You can enjoy this Ballroom Fireplace’s original beauty and real flames without the smell of smoke, and you can play the Charleville Castle Virtual Fireplace on any computer or laptop, without having to clean up any ashes afterwards.

Not only is this virtual flames video great for parties or festivities during the Christmas or winter season, the best part of a Virtual Fire is that the flame never dies down, and you get to experience the authentic beauty and artistry of a 200 year old castle.

Your Charleville Castle Virtual Fireplace has been beautifully recorded on location with ambient sound and professional video quality. The castle has bared host and witness to poignant historical changes over the years from being a forgotten power of the British Monarchy as the result of victory over the French revolutionary Republican movement to a promising, collaborative centre of Arts and Culture of the Irish Midlands run entirely by members and volunteers dedicated to its ongoing restoration and sustainability. Most recently it has been used as a setting in movies such as Becoming Jane starring Anne Hathaway and James McEvoy (2006), and REIGN (2013) – currently airing worldwide about Mary, Queen of Scots.

For more information on the compelling History of Charleville Castle or about becoming involved, CLICK HERE


For file only:

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  • $10.25 US dollars
  • $10.95 Canadian dollars

For a DVD version (incl. shipping and handling – not available in US/Canada):

  • €10.50 Euro
  • £8.35 Pound Sterling


  • 1 hour length video that can be run on a continuous loop
  • 3 separate scenes: full view of the Mirrored Latticework, Candles and Mantlepiece, and Final Closeup.
  • Unique and natural fire crackling sounds

Please view our 30 second teaser, which displays the above features of our 1 hour long video.

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