World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
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Online Workshops

We have more wonderfully creative Instructors available to you online from our original lineup! Workshops are specified to take place on either Zoom or as a pre-recorded Tutorial to be premiered at the start of the festival.  To book your workshop, please visit Brown Paper Tickets – click on the Icon!


Any queries please contact



Saturday Workshops:

Paint Pour Balloon SMASH! Painting for Kids ages 5-8

Saturday, May 29th | 12pm – pre-recorded 20 minute tutorial – FREE

Balloons and paint? Let’s get smashing!  We start by pouring different colour puddles on your paper or canvas and creating groovy and amazing designs, all with the bottom of a balloon!



Paint Pour a Galaxy! Abstract Painting for Kids ages 9-12

Saturday, May 29th | 12pm – pre-recorded 20 minute tutorial – FREE

Create your very own amazing Galaxy Nebula with what we call an open cup paint pour technique! Start with all black, pour your vivid colours into the open cup, and watch your Galaxy form before your very eyes.


Moesha Kay – AfroPop Dance for Kids! Details and Bookings HERE

Saturday, May 29th | 1pm  Ages 5-12    €3 per child (1 child per screen please.)


Beluga Theatre – Dramanimals! Improv Games for Kids 

Saturday, May 29th | 3pm Ages 6-8    €3 per child (1 child per screen please.)

 Lets explore our creativity through fun theatre-based exercises and connecting with other participants, using our

imagination and sounds of Jungle Animals!




Sunday Workshops:

Shivam Yoga Session

Sunday, May 30th | 12pm – FREE

Join Beto again this year for another fun and invigorating Yoga session at their Dublin studios.  Link will  be posted here and also on the Shakefest Facebook Page.


Mariel Sitka – The Golden Age of Bellydance

Sunday, May 30th | 1pm – Zoom 1hr – €7 per adult/1 per screen

The Golden Age refers to the time around the ‘40s to the ‘60s when Egyptian cinema was booming, with the Egyptian film industry being the third largest in the world in the 1950s. By this time, many movies featured Egyptian dancers who became very popular, in part as a result of their film appearances. Many of the Golden Age belly dancers shared similarities in the way they moved, creating the style, or the types of music they danced to, but each of them had something special that made them special and unique. Great dancers such as Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Nayma Akef were the most popular ones. The kind of dance of this age is softer and rounder than the dance we are used to see now. Also the posture of the body is different from the balletic posture so common to see these days. Taking this into account, we will practice different movements that are very characteristic of the style, also the use of veil, and hands framing style. You should experience this glamorous style to understand what I mean!

Tahia Carioca                                            Samia Gamal                                           Nayma Akef


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