World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
Sat June 6th & Sun June 7th ONLINE

Matthew Watkins – Animator/Projection Artist

Iphone painted image - the look



Matthew Watkins was born in Manchester, England, in 1962 but grew up in Toronto, Canada. A graduate in Communication and Design from the Ontario College of Art, he has now been living in Italy for a number of years. As well as being an artist and illustrator, he works as a design and marketing consultant, and has developed a reputation as one of the leading exponents in the field of mobile digital art, with paintings of subjects ranging from noir to political satire to fantasy worlds. His fingerpainting exhibitions and live performances have attracted the interest of television channels in Italy, Korea and Argentina and newspapers and magazines such as the Washington Post, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, Wired and GQ. His work has been featured in a number of leading blogs including Cult of Mac, Escape into Life and Tom’s Hardware.



Introduction to Hand-Drawn Animation –  Saturday, June 6th  @2pm –  Suited for ages 6-12 but any age can learn.      1 hour

Matthew will conduct an introduction lesson to hand drawn animation, taking us through the basic steps and simple conceptual steps of creating characters firstly through the building of simple shapes and then how to build on detail.  Ideal for 6-12 year olds who are fans of drawing and want to build on their initial skills.


The workshop will be conducted on Zoom, so a Desktop or Laptop with Zoom on it is required, and then either an iPad or Tablet with the app ‘FlipaClip‘ downloaded from Google Play Store (free).  Matthew will start you out with getting aquainted and comfortable with drawing simple shapes on a piece of paper, and to then eventually move you and your child  over to FlipaClip to start to animate.  We recommend you watch the introduction video on Flipaclip first and familiarize yourself and your child with it – it is super-easy to draw and animate on!  For best results, Matthew recommends having either a tablet or smartphone to accompany the desktop or laptop with Zoom on it.  Or, if you just have a tablet, or just a smartphone to work with, you can use both app and Zoom at the same time, and he will be able to see you, just not hear you.    It will be fun to see what kind of characters and shapes we will all come up with!

Please feel free to view and participate in this recorded workshop which took place on Saturday, June 6th, 2020.





Introduction to TAGTOOL Animation and Projection – Saturday, June 6th @ 4pm –  Suited for ages 12 and up – 1 hour

Matthew will start with an introduction of himself and his work, and show a short video clip of some of his past animations and performances, including the Tagtool program.  He will then lead a creative warm-up to get you drawing and break down any initial inhibitions.  He will then introduce the features of Tagtool and an overview of the functions, while encouraging your exploration and practice of them creatively, and close with examples of animation projections, what is entailed, and a question and answer period.

Technical requirements:   The workshop will take place on Zoom.  You must have both an iPad and a desktop or laptop, as you will need to watch the Zoom workshop while using the specified program Tagtool on the iPad. Unfortunately Tagtool is not yet available on Samsung and other tablets.

 Programs to have downloaded in advance:   Tagtool  (iPad only)
Please feel free to view or participate in the below workshop that was recorded on Saturday, June 6th, 2020 as a tutorial.

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