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KAMANA Sustainable Clothing Line

New Clothing Line KAMANA is beginning to take Ireland and beyond by storm! Come and watch an informative clip on Rosemarie’s newly developed sustainable business on the Shakefest Facebook Page Watch Party on 7:30pm, Saturday, June 6th.

Originally producing African inspired oil paintings, Rosemarie is now widening her reach and has developed a stunning clothing line.

Her new label, called KAMANA is an urdu word which translates as ‘earn a living’ and touches on the ethos of the company. 

The clothing range is a platform to empower women from disadvantaged communities in the developing world to work and earn a decent living for themselves. 

Determined to create sustainable solutions to the issues of poverty affecting women and families in developing countries, Rosemarie has partnered with creative artisans from East Africa to create KAMANA, an eco-friendly and sustainable product line. 21/11/2019

Please check out more information on Kamana here:


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