World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
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Deal Website FAQ’s

Dear voucher holder:

Firstly thank you for purchasing a Shakefest Family Day pass for €8 or a Family Day Pass with camping for only €12.

In order for your redemption to run smoothly, we have added some answers to som FAQ’s and added a few things that you
should know about Shakefest after you have purchased your tickets.

1) Can I redeem my voucher on the day I bought the voucher?
No – The Discount website does not email you your proof of purchase voucher until the day after the deal day. Once you are sent
your voucher, you can contact us to redeem if you wish.

2) Can I redeem my voucher ahead of arriving at the event?

Yes – you can email and type in the coupon number on your voucher and please mention The Discount Website when booking. This will enable us to redeem your voucher
ahead of arriving at the gate – we just find your code on our list of purchases, and tick off that you have redeemed already. This
can help a smoother arrival at the gate on the day of the event and less waiting time.  We still recommend that you bring your printed ticket as proof of purchase to the gate just in case.

3) Now that I have purchased entry (and possibly camping) to the event, can I book specialty dance workshops ahead of time?

Yes – you can email with your voucher coupon number so we can redeem your voucher and also state your preference of workshop(s). The exciting mix of different dance workshops are found on the workshop page as well as the times they are on.  Family Friendly workshops are a drop in price of only €5. Some workshops outside are mostly free activities.  Specialty Dance workshops for Adults require booking in advance and are €12 to be paid either in advance or at the Workshop Registration Desk located in the Forecourt.

If you state your workshop preferences in an email prior to the event, our staff will book your name in to secure your place. Once you arrive through the gates, you can proceed to the workshop registration desk to check in and pay. You will be given a token which grants you entry to your chosen workshop which must be given to the instructor.

4) If I decide to present my voucher upon arrival at the gate on the day of the event, where do we go and how long will it take?

If coming by car, drive up the avenue, and parking will be available by the entrance gate. Once parked, proceed to the ‘Discount Website’ desk at the entrance just before Charleville Castle at the box office where you present your paper voucher to be scanned or entered into our redemption system. Once this is done, you and your family will be given the appropriate wristbands and you can enter the event. **please note if camping, parents are allowed to bring alcohol into the event, but it must be declared at the gate before entry.

The best thing to do would be to arrive just prior to the event starting which is at 12pm to avoid congestion and longer waiting times, or redeem your voucher ahead of time so the process is quicker (see 2)

5)Where do we go once we’re inside?

You can acquire a festival programme at the entrance at the gate that will show you where everything is including camping, bbq areas, workshops and outside performances as well as washroom facilities. Any further information about schedule can be aquired on ‘Saturday Activity Schedule’ or ‘Hafla and Performances’ on our website. Information on travel tips, directions and accommodation is also located on Travel And Accommodation page.

6) Do we need to bring food?

You can if you wish, for bbq’s or camping overnight excetera, single use bbq’s MUST be used within designated bbq areas in the campsite. Food mobile units will be on site for lunches, dinners, tea, coffee etc and also some light snacks for breakfast and will be on site until Sunday, May 31st at 3pm. There will also be a few other smaller cultural food stalls. They will also have burgers and chips on hand for more generic food lovers.

If you have any other queries about Shakefest voucher redemption, please don’t hesitate to contact us on and we will respond to your request as soon as we can.

Otherwise help us celebrate dance, art and diversity at Ireland’s only cultural event at a castle and most of all, enjoy!

The Shakefest Team