World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
Sat May 29th & Sun May 30th ONLINE

Art Exhibition

Shakefest Artist in Focus – Rebecca Harpur – Video ONLINE 7:30pm

Saturday, May 29th, 2021


Shakefest would like to also celebrate its 16th year of art and culture by running a 4th art exhibition of local artist talent featuring Rebecca Harpur. 

Rebecca is an Artist who at present is specializing in Fine art Printmaking. She graduated from The Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork after 4 years with a higher degree in Fine Art.  She finds the process of printmaking her preferred method as it suits her work style; can be widely explored by Etching , silk screens , Lino’s and so many ways of relief printing it makes a challenging, yet pleasing way of presenting her imagery.  She has always used a narrative from fairytales, legends and folklore in her work which displays imagery that in someways might be referred to in an illustrative way but it can also be left open to the viewer’s interpretation in making them Fine Art prints.















The pieces Rebecca is working on at present are the animals from Alice in Wonderland. They are, as we are, all suffering in some way from the effects of the pandemic for more than a year now.  From hopeful, contemplating, and thankful to lonely, sad and restricted.  Is the work and display just of her mental health over the last year we wonder, the world as a whole or just the animals in a fairy tale with these emotions? We will let you decide yourself what story they tell.






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