World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
Sat May 29th & Sun May 30th ONLINE

Art Exhibition

The Art of Rosemarie Kamana – Video ONLINE 7:30pm – Saturday, June 6th

Shakefest would like to also celebrate its 15th year of art and culture by running a 3rd art exhibition, and although we were looking forward to seeing Rosemarie’s artwork adorn the Gallery walls of the Grand Ballroom of Charleville Castle, we will still see a feature video of her artwork live on Facebook Watch Party, at 7:30pm on Saturday, June 6th on the Shakefest Facebook page! We are delighted to host Portrait Artist and Sustainable Clothing Designer Rosemarie Kamana.

Check out Rosemarie’s Sustainable Clothing Line HERE

Rosemarie Kamana is a renowned artist living in Cork, Ireland. Her paintings are inspired by nature, her native Africa, travels, storytelling and background in graphic design. Largely self-taught, Kamana has been painting for over a decade and creates oil, acrylic & mixed media paintings. “Mine is definitely a tale of cultural emulsion and diversity – my life in The Netherlands, Australia, Ireland and my African roots. Local scenes or images from my travels become subjects of my paintings and I sometimes gravitate towards issues I feel strongly about – I tell stories of inspiring women through portraiture.”

Through her art, Kamana offers her worldview and a narrative of her African heritage and culture. Her paintings have juried into prominent exhibits in Sydney, Australia (SYD), London, United Kingdom (LDN), Pula, Croatia (PUY), Dublin, Ireland (DUB) and New York, USA (NYC).

Whether it’s starting a new painting or engaging in community projects, Kamana hopes to always treat her art as a platform to impact and influence, she actively participates in art community projects and is the founder of Kamana Collective – a social enterprise in Cork that empowers underprivileged women in disadvantaged communities by providing a platform for them to learn, be self-reliant, earn a decent living, and in turn empower others.


“Art defines who I am and what I want to be. In my art I like to capture the beauty in women, places and objects. Different mediums allow me to express different ideas, using my tools as an artist I develop and create art platforms to empower underprivileged women and provide a space for them to create and expressMy intention is impact, influence and growth.”



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