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Shakefest Hosts International Guest Assale Ibrahim

Assale Ibrahim is a well known dancer, teacher and choreographer. She was born and raised in Iraq. This allows her to dance in an authentic and very expressive way.

Her strongest areas are definitely the classical and folkloristic dances of the Middle East.

Due to years of research, many years of teaching and Stage experience she develops her own clear concept which enables a beginner or an advanced dancer to easily achieve the essence and the lead of every possible movement.

As a devoted teacher, her greatest pleasure is to spread her knowledge and experiences among her students, she has a skillful, graceful and powerful technique.

She has successfully toured around in many Orientals festivals in Europe and become one of the most sought-after teachers for her unique and effective style of workshops.

2010 workshops

Gypsy Oriental dance

Impressive and authentic dance

Gypsy Oriental dance is characterized by a free improvisatory style, very ground, powerful footwork and pelvic.

This dance is simple and authentic


Our WS will include:

Exploring the feelings, attitudes and basic foot patterns

Arm styling,

Skirt use,

Gypsy Turns and walk

Developing the capacity to improvise


Classic Sharqi with two Veils

Breathtaking feminine grace and innovation

A must if you have a passion for Oriental classic Dance and music

This WS will assist dancers to connect more deeply with their creativity and exploring the colourful spectrum of emotions and feelings that can be expressed through the classical Sharqi dance and music

Sharqi dance is a more refined and sophisticated dance comparing to other oriental style

It is a women’s solo art form and at the same time can be dance within the group, very earthy and elegant, proud and playful, compact and generous at the expression and steps, originates from within and very entertaining.

Her Songs are very expressive and there’s a lot of deep meaning behind them

You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body.

The two veils will make you dance very impressive and a real show stopper.

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