World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
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Meet your Shakefest Team

Claire TobinWorkshop and Performance Creative Consultant
Claire Tobin is the founder and principal animator of Shake. Claire is following a dynamic career of dance in Dublin. It is to Claire we owe for the active international dance movement which has taken root in Offaly and is building steadily. The Red Embers Troupe owes its unique ethos and sustainability to Claire’s warm style of entrepreneurship. Claire has continued a great relationship with Charleville Castle since SHAKE’s inception in 2006. She has been mad into Bellydance since she was 20 and has been instructing for over 8 years creating a large following of students and troupe the Najwa Zenya Bellydancers of Bray, Co. Wicklow. Claire started by travelling to Charleville Castle to spread her infectious enthusiasm in teaching our classes, in which THE RED EMBERS of Charleville Castle, Tullamore were born.  She  was named ‘MISS FANTASTIC of the Australia Miss Burlesque Competition of 2012 while residing in Adelaide. This year she is hosting Ireland’s 1st Miss Burlesque Ireland here in Dublin.

Terri Dale

Event Coordinator

Terri Dale is the principal organiser behind the Shake movement. She has been the Volunteer Administrator at Charleville Castle since 2005. Of British background but born in Canada, Terri holds a Bachelor Degree in Communications & Art and also funds her life’s hobby, Charleville Castle, by working at Total Fundraising in Dublin. Terri leads the Red Embers Troupe. You can contact Terri at

Dudley Stewart

Castle Safety Director

Dudley Stewart has been Managing Trustee and Secretary to the Charleville Castle Board of Directors since 1994. Dudley is the driving force behind cultivating an atmosphere of culture and creativity at Charleville Castle Heritage Trust and has built international relationships with other Independent Culture Centers such as Pakerna in Slovenia and also in Barcelona. Dudley has strong and vast experience as an engineer and aid worker in 3rd world countries from 1973 to and continues to adopt a ‘world without borders’ and sustainability approach to the ethos of Charleville Castle, in turn, helping to drive the Shakefest vision further. Dudley acts as Castle Safety Director at all Charleville Castle events and fundraisers, including renowned Music Festival Castlepalooza, in operation since 2006.

Niall Kearney

Noise Control and Co-Promoter

Niall Kearney was appointed Trustee of Charleville Castle Heritage Trust in November 2009. Niall has been a long term Charleville Castle volunteer since 2004, Shakefest volunteer since 2006 and has event and ticketing knowledge through working for Ticketmaster as Scanner Specialist in their IT Department. Niall has been official Noise Control Officer for Castlepalooza since 2008 and also Life Festival 2007-08. Niall will be monitoring any performance or band noise levels inside the castle to ensure that all music does not exceed beyond all noise level regulations. Niall’s financial backing and long term volunteerism in castle and commercial events provide a strong backbone to the logistics of the event.


Darren Fitzpatrick – Administration Support, Art Consultancy and Leave No Trace Officer

Darren Fitzpatrick SM Darren Fitzpatrick was first acquainted with Charleville Castle with the inception of our relationship with the Irish Burner’s Community here in Ireland when we decided to enter into a co-venture of The Burning Man Decompression Celebration in 2009. It was first held in Malahide Castle with the help of Charleville Castle’s Volunteer team and Circus Tent, until the first night was held in November 2010 and has taken place in Charleville Castle ever since.  Darren is part of such a committee of Irish Burners and Castle Representatives, and has taken on important tasks such as Art Installation Co-ordinator and Leave No Trace Officer.  He naturally resonated towards Shakefest’s creative influence in 2013 and his cheerleading, artistic and supportive skills have remained an asset throughout.

Jenni Dauth

Sponsorship Officer, Stalls Co-Ordinator and Fundraising Assistant

Jennifer Dauth