World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
May 26th & 27th, 2018

Tickets and Workshop Bookings

Workshops at Shakefest

Individual workshops are available to all young participants between the ages of 4-12 years during Saturday,  May 26th in the Ballroom and Morning Room. There is a maximum of 25 students per class.

3 Specialty Oriental dance workshops are also available with Aepril Schaile, Houria and Yasmina at Shakefest for general level experienced dancers and up. Each workshop is priced separately below or alternatively you can purchase a Saturday Workshop Package for €35 which includes 3 Specialty Dance workshops.  Specialty Dance Workshops must be booked in advance and paid for at Workshop Registration in the Castle.  These workshops can be booked in advance below or at

On Sunday, there are 2 Rolled Felt Workshops with Nicola Henley in the Ballroom – the first is a children’s workshop from 12-2pm, the second is for adults between 3-5pm featuring creating pictures and objects out of rolled Felt.  These workshops can be booked in advance below or at

Adriana Von Runic’s music classes are available for 0-18 months including pregnancy, toddlers 2-4 and schoolchildren from 4-12 years. Each of her workshops are only €7.50 each but there are also workshop package prices below you can purchase.


Purchasing Tickets    bpt



Kids Workshop Pricing:

€7.50 per workshop

€10 Rolled Felt Making for Kids (Sun)
€15 for all 3 afternoon workshops on Saturday (includes evening Hafla)

€20 for all 3 Sat afternoon kids workshops + Sunday Felt Making workshop (includes evening Hafla)

€15 Rolled Felt Making Art Workshop for Adults

Evening Dance and Music Recital:         

€10 per Adult
€25 Family Pass

Camping €10 per Adult
€20 Family Camping Pass

Aepril Schaile Workshops:
1 workshop €20
Both workshops €35



BOOK WORKSHOPS HERE:                   bpt


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