World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
May 26th & 27th, 2018

Adriana Von Runic – Music Through Storytelling

Adriana Von Runic is a successful Concert Flautist who travels the world performing, teaching and also developing the Pentatonic and ‘Music Through Storytelling’ series for all ages, most recently completing successful longer term ventures in China and Australia.


     Adriana also has a module created from her teachings at the Crossfields Institute in the UK, an approved module that provides certs of attendance and also specializes in Parenting Training through music.   Her baby workshops are not just about making a few interesting noises on a xylophone or a triangle and a bit of fun, beneath the surface is research about Neuro-Brain Science from the University of California about how in-utero and newborn babies react to music and instrumental sound but in a very relaxed, gentle and open-minded environment for mothers, fathers and their infants.  She uses specialized instruments called ‘Choroi’ – baby instruments based on research in music therapy worldwide.

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     For schoolchildren and teenagers, her methods of teaching closely resemble that of how to do a cooking formula – its all hands on, any musical stories made are improvised together with a dramatic and creative approach.  Teenagers are allowed to actually also create their own instruments from ‘trash’ or materials that one would otherwise discard or throw away.








Adriana can tailor workshops for all ages – from unborn (pregnancy), babies 0-18 mos., toddlers 2-4 years, schoolchildren, special needs, teenagers, parenting and schoolteachers. For the children, special needs and infants, it is to begin a journey with music through senses and storytelling – for adults and teenagers also, but she   then also includes the element of learning to create the element of creativity through music into your daily lives or instruction.


Adriana’s Workshops at Shakefest 2018

Toddlers aged 2-4 years – Morning Room, Charleville Castle during Shakefest, Saturday May 26th at 2pm, 1 hour.


Schoolchildren ages 5-12 years – Ballroom, Charleville Castle during Shakefest, Saturday May 26th at 4:30pm, 1 hour.


Babies Music School

Babies Music School (and also for Pregnant Mothers) or 0-18 months. Morning Room, Charleville Castle during Shakefest, Sunday May 27th at 2pm, 1 hour.



Adriana Pregnancy Music