World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
Saturday May 28th, 2016

Workshops with Joana Saahirah

Oriental Dance Workshops with Joana Saahirah


“The Secrets of Egyptian Dance”    BOTH LOCATIONS


GENERAL LEVEL Introduction to The Magic Of Egyptian Dance beyond the steps, the choreographies and exoticism. What lies beneath, what makes it The  Language of the Soul.  When Joana Saahirah started travelling the world – to teach, perform and lecture , after 8 years of living inside her Egyptian cocoon, she found out the things that made      Egyptian Dance what it really is, was nowhere to be seen. Choreographies? CHECK!      Competitions? CHECK! Fancy belly tricks? CHECK. The core, soul and purpose of Egyptian Oriental Dance? NOWHERE to be found.

We´ll explore a “Majancé” (entrance on stage) and its various challenges, music/dance styles, moods, feelings, rhythms and melodies as an excuse to work some of the EGYPTIAN DANCE SECRETS Joana learned during her years of career in Egypt. Concepts like The      SACRED WOUND, INVISIBLE DANCE or the RIGHT to MADNESS – amongst others – will open doors that you never imagined to exist.

Technique & small choreography.

 Saturday, March 4th – 10am-1pm,  Charleville Castle Morning Room  

Sunday, March 5th – 10am-1pm, Liffey Trust Studios, Docklands, Dublin 2

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 “Raks il baladi”, the authentic, original,  unpolished down to earth oriental dance.  Baladi means “my homeland” and it entails a series of qualities that will show in the dance style: powerful, dominated by the elements (especially earth, fire and water), feminine and affirmative.   We will work an “awadi”, a typical baladi progression and feel the journey from the smooth nostalgy of the accordion solo (taksim of accordion) to the explosive joy of the percussion.   Baladi was the most  requested part of my Cairo show, the one I presented with my orchestra for 8 years in Egypt. At first, my  musicians advised me not to present a dance style that was supposedly disliked by high classes but, once people started to come in demanding “Joana baladi awadi”, they surrendered. Cairo audiences surrendered. And so will you.

We´ll study baladi style but, above all, we´ll rediscover the hidden, magical language of the hips – ignored, damned, silenced but incredibly powerful and revealing of our  essence.                                                                                                                                                                  Technique & small choreography.

 Saturday, March 4th – 2-5pm, Charleville Castle Morning Room

Sunday, March 5th – 2-5pm, Liffey Trust Studios, Docklands, Dublin 2

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1 Workshop – €30

Both Workshops – €45

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Join us at Café Fitto for a Hafla after the Dublin workshops on Sunday, March 5th at 6pm –

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