World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
Saturday May 28th, 2016

Workshops with Rustiqua Tribal

Tribal Dance Workshops with Rustiqua



Get to Know Your Tribal Dance Chakras  (General Level)

Rustiqua Tribal 1

There  are  many  different   forms  and  tools  for    artists  to   express  their  art.  The artistic  tool   of  a  dancer  is  her  body.  It   provides  variety  of  amazing    possibilities  in  the  process  of   creation  and  musical   interpretation.  But  everyone   has  limits,  which  hinder  the   realization  of  our  ideas.  This    workshop  is  aimed  to  improve    your  strength,  flexibility  and   stability,    important  for every dancer and therefore push the  boundaries of our limits.

We will focus on the areas that are associated with tribal dance posture and attitude  to those areas that are most strained and involved in the dance. With regular and  proper exercises and some fun dance drill you can improve your dance and bring  your artistic interpretation to the next level.

Sunday, May 31st – The Ballroom – 12-2pm

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Swingbox Fusion Vol. 2 – (Intermediate)
Swingbox LR The  beauty  of  tribal  fusion   dance  involves  precise    control   over  the  body  and  stylization   of  the  movement.  During  this   workshop  we  will  go  playfully   and  in  retro  style  along  more   advanced  techniques  used  in   tribal  fusion,  where  you’ll    learn  particular  dance   elements  and  you’ll  convert  it    attractively  to dance combos  and funny swing fusion  choreography.

   Sunday, May 31st – The Ballroom 3-5pm



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 Put More MONKEYS in Your Dance

(MASTERCLASS For Advanced Students and Instructors)

Rustiqua Monkeys Budapest Jungle Show

A brand new workshop inspired by Rustiqua’s hip hop  fusion choregraphy.  Learn  some  new   and  progressive  dance  moves,   work  on  your  face  and  hand  expressions  and  improve  your   technique  of  making  eye-­‐ catching  choreography.  In  this    playful  workshop  you’ll  push   your  boundaries not  just in Tribal  Bellydance, but  also in dance in General.

 Saturday, May 31st – The Morning Room – 5pm

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1 workshop – €30

2 workshops – €45

3 workshops – only €60