World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
June 1st and 2nd, 2019

Workshops with Mariel Sitka


Oriental Dance Workshops with Mariel Sitka


Muwashahat or Andalusian Style – 12-2pm, Morning Room, Charleville Castle

Intermediate Level (Dance Shoes recommended)

Muwashahat is a poetical form which includes music and voice.

It is a very sophisticated musical genre originated during the Arabic domain in Spain starting from the 10th century.

The poems which were sung with the Muwashahat expressed the thinking and the feelings of poet, usually the poems talked about love, happiness and beautifulness, some of them could be sad also.

Even when talking about muwashahat or Andalusian style at least three different repertoires, with different instruments, different costume, and different dance style.

In this workshop we will explore briefly the 3 styles: Berber, Lebanese and Reda Style, we will see the main differences about music, costume and dance.

Technique & small choreography.


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Manbuty, aka Fisherman dance or Simsimiyya

3-5pm Morning Room, Charleville Castle – General Level

The Simisimiyya is an instrument closely related to Suez Channel folk music. The same word is also used to mean the whole genre of Channel district folk music that has the simsimiyya instrument as the main instrument. The instrument itself is a kind of lyre.

The costume reflected the labors at a port area, also the movements; they referred to the activities you can see at the port. During the workshop we will study some culture and lifestyle from Suez, we will recognize Simsimiyya sound, we will learn steps of the dance and we will try to make music with the spoons.

                                                             Technique & small choreography.


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1 Workshop – €30

Both Workshops – €55




*** alternative payment method by bank account – for details contact Terri at