World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
June 1st and 2nd, 2019

International Dance Instructor – Irina Popova (Russia)

Irina Popova is one of the best performers of Oriental dance in Russia, and is also well known abroad.

She has been engaged in the art of Oriental Dance for the past 11 years. Due to her professional choreographic and musical education, passion for art of oriental dance and her undeniable talent, she has reached significant results in this field over a relatively short period of time.

Irina is the winner of numerous Russian championships and international competitions and festivals of Belly Dance, including Oriental Fantasy Berlin.

Irina is actively engaged in concert activity, she has repeatedly toured the Middle East: to Jordan, Bahrain, Yemen, and also has had contracts in 5* hotels.

Since 2004, Irina organizes events for belly dance in Moscow such as:
“Moscow International Festival of Oriental Dance”, “Russian beauty contest among the belly dance performers.”

Along with this, Irina is constantly immersed in teaching, giving          workshops and choreographing dances. This enabled her to become the youngest Russian teacher-choreographer whose students have become multiple medalists of Russia and the world championships in Bellydance. She  has performed in Finland, Norway the Netherlands and also previously in Ireland in 2017 at Miss Bellydance Ireland.

Irina has also performed a duet with famous dancer from Russia Alexey Parashchuk. Irina and Alexey perform duets in various styles of Oriental dance, as well as mixing it with modern dance, ballet, etc.




Irina’s Workshops at Shakefest

1st of June 2019 | 11:30am-1:30pm   

Technical Elements and Innovative Warm-up

Morning Room, Charleville Castle €25

In this workshop, we will comb through the basic technical elements of Oriental dance to ensure excellent technique while performing. I will also share my innovative Warm-up stretches invented by myself that give much better flexibility and wellbeing.


2nd of June 2019 | 12-2pm 

Beautiful Baladi

Ballroom, Charleville Castle €25

In this Baladi workshop, I focus on features of performing, specifics and technical characteristics. A choreography is also taught, as well as some Tabla Solo techniques.



2nd of June 2019 | 3-5pm 

Veil Combinations

Ballroom, Charleville Castle €25

In this workshop we wind the festival to a close with interesting and flowing combinations with Veil work and a Choreography.


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View some of Irina’s Videos – V1 V2 V3