World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
May 26th & 27th, 2018

Guest Tribal Dance Instructor – Aepril Schaile

Aepril Schaile, MFA is an internationally recognized performance artist/priestess/poet working through the ancient and ever-evolving art of Bellydance. She has taught and performed at curated events in Paris, London, Rome, New York, and throughout Europe and the US.

With Raqs Sharqi and American Cabaret as her foundation, her training expanded into Tribal Fusion and a bit of ballet. Her work developed toward ritual-theatre and performance art, informed by her experiences of mysticism and practice of the occult sciences.

Aepril’s lifelong immersion in Jungian psychology informs an artistic impetus toward creating pieces with both personal meaning and transpersonal reach. She is interactive and intimate with audiences, blending showmanship and mediumship. Via the use of archetype and godform, she endeavors to bring psychological and spiritual transformation and signification to her audiences. She sees her creation of Art in part as a revelation of the subconscious and the synchronistic.

Aepril’s “ancestors” of dance include Ruth St Denis, Josephine Baker, and Isadora Duncan. She has also been encouraged and influenced by such performance artists as Diamond Galas and Rachel Rosenthal, and Butoh artist Ohno Kazuo. She draws from artistic images from many eras of the powerful Feminine.

Aepril is a professional Astrologer and resident of Salem, MA (aka “Witch City”). Aepril’s work has contributed to giving a generation of bellydancers example and “permission” and inspiration to explore well outside bellydance norms.

Aepril’s Workshops at SHAKEFEST 2018

Theatrical Tribal Bellydance

AEPRIL PP2How do you take up space, emote fully, connect dance with personal biography and myth? Aepril was a teacher at the New York Theatrical Bellydance conference for years and it greatly developed her teaching style with the students there as well as her local dancers.  You can go really deep. There will be group improvised choreography using the Persephone story which is very moving.  Aepril will also teach how to “hold space” through negative movement…as in pauses, or extreme slow motion mixed with faster movement and intends to bring her entire ‘tool box’ to guage where her students are and what they intuitively need.

Saturday, May 26th, 12-1:30pm  Morning Room, Charleville Castle

View a sample of Aepril’s work HERE



Introduction to ‘Goddess Mythology’ Astrology

2886423_orig.jpgAepril also teaches Astrology, but not the most conventional kind. There is also a method which uses ‘Goddess Mythology’ much like you can have different themes in Tarot Cards.  It will be a basic 90 minute introduction into signs and meanings behind them but using this method of archetype.

Sunday, May 27th, 1-2:30pm  Morning Room, Charleville Castle

 View more information on the Myth of Lilith in Astrology HERE

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