May 30th & May 31st, 2015

Workshops with Maria Aya

Oriental Dance Workshops with Maria Aya – Greece




Evolution of Egyptian Sha’abi, 1960 to 2014

In this workshop we will explore the different styles of Sha’abi music and dance style from the 1960 until after the Revolution Sha’abi style.

Sha’abi is the dance style that reflects more than all the other ones the Social evolution of Egypt, the songs that speak about everyday life of Egypt with a very honest and earthy way. Info on costuming, technique, combinations, music, singers will be included.

Sunday, June 1st – The Ballroom – 12-2pm

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Romantic Arabic Veil Choreography to Fi youm wi Leyla song by Warda

One of the most romantic Arabic songs to dance, with the beauty of the Arabic Veil technique in combination with movement and flow.

Combinations/technique and lyrics will be provided.

Sunday, June 1st – The Ballroom 3-5pm

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MASTERCLASS For Advanced Students and Instructors – Further Raqs Sharqi Techniques

One of the most loved songs of Arabic Repertoir for Bellydancers is Esmaoni.
The original song of Warda is 35 min, in true old FASHION but of course we will work on a 4 min modern version of the song. We will be using a very Egyptian style arrangement with alot of tabla beats in it.

The style of the choreography will be with changing levels of Energy, speed in space, & very Emotional.
Lyrics printed for students, Expression, Technique & Choreography, for a choreo ready to go on stage.

Saturday, May 31st – The Morning Room – 5pm

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1 workshop – €30

2 workshops – €45

3 workshops – only €60