May 30th & May 31st, 2015

Saturday Workshop & Activity Schedule

Saturday, May 31st  Workshop Schedule

TIME The Morning Room
11:00-12:30 Burlesque Props
12:30-14:00 Burlesque Chairs
14:00-15:30 Tahitian Dance
15:30-17:00 Indian Classical Dance
17:00-18:30 Oriental Dance Masterclass
TIME The Ballroom
12:00-13:00 Irish Dance 
13:00–14.00 Drama Basics
14:00-15.00  Dr Sketchy’s &  POI FUN
15.00-16.00 Hula Hoop 

17.00 – 18.00

 Yoga Choreography

Dr Sketchy’s







Hula Hoop workshop with Hoopety Hoop Collins

Exploring Inside and Outside Space

In this workshop I would like to lead participants to start exploring the inside and outside space of the hoop. I want to teach beautiful transitional moves and tricks that will take the students from inside to outside the hoop and back allowing them to explore a full range of movements leading to the fullest range of dance expression.

I will also explore rhythm, tempo, stalls, breaks and other aspects of music and their impact on the hoop and how they are applicable to making a unique range of movements in order for them to fully express themselves through hoop dance. It will ultimately lead to the students using their hoop as a dance partner rather than a dance prop. I will teach them to use inertia, momentum and force to lead their hoop into propelling the dance and so allowing them to react to the hoop rather than woodenly controlling it, which allows hoopers to dance fully and freely.

The Ballroom: 3-4pm

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Introduction to Irish Dance with Celtic Blondes

If you are an aspiring Irish Dancer, or simply a lover of Irish Culture and Arts, then the Celtic Blondes Irish Dance MasterClass is ideal for you! Our workshop will include an introduction to basic, traditional Irish Dance, as well as advice on successful warm-up and cool-down methods, information on style, posture and movement techniques, and a significant amount of fun and freedom also! Everybody is encouraged to attend this workshop, as Irish Dance is a fantastic opportunity for you to express yourself in a non-verbal manner, and it will undoubtedly be an enjoyable and productive experience. The workshop is ideal for Beginners, and experience in Irish Dance (or any form of dance) is not required.

The Celtic Blondes have won awards at Dublin, Leinster, All-Ireland and International Level, and their performances include TV3′s “Ireland AM” and “The Apprentice,” “Festival of the Fires,” The Solheim International Ladies Cup Golf Spectacular, The Irish Entertainment Awards, and recently, Sky TV’s hit dance show “Got To Dance.”

The Ballroom: 12-1PM

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 Poi Fun with Anne Corrigan

We will have a pair of long socks with tennis balls in them for you to practice with!

Come and see what all of the fun is about with our introduction to Poi Basics for all ages.

During the workshop, we will cover stretching exercises, basic poi movements and you will come away learning a few nifty moves. At the end of the class you will have a basic understanding of the dance form – You do not need any dancing history, it is open to all!

The Ballroom:  2-3pm

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Fuinneamh Interactive Drum Experience – FREE ACTIVITY ALL AFTERNOON

Our gigantic drum experience is more a freestyle drum circle with some beats shown when needed to keep the tempo moving and flowing.We will start playing and invite people to join in with a basic rhythm usually changing the beat and a little stop every 15 mins so people can give sticks back or pass them on.

This way, those who wish to keep playing can. This will last an hour then a break of 15 minutes and we start again for another hr. for 4 – 1hr sessions spread over the day. This setup is ideal for people to drop in and try the drum and learn from the communal experience of performing

beats together – it is especially ideal for participants of all ages and families to experience it together.

4 FREE 1hr long sessions throughout the afternoon

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Drama Basics

Gillian harrington coordinator of STARlings drama group and member of TADS will be running a theatre workshop.  The workshop will be based on an introduction to improvisation while combining team work and confidence building in the process. The workshop will also be a fun and bonding experience for all ages, so prepare to come together and connect with your inner drama queen!

The Ballroom: 1-2pm
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Yoga Choreography

Click here to learn more about Yoga Choreography

Conducted by BETO

The Ballroom:  4-5pm

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Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

 Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School








Dr. Sketchy’s is a multi-disciplinary spectacle, incorporating visual art, installations, performance,     music and pushing outside of these fields – taking art out of the studio, making it accessible and connecting with people who otherwise would never pick up a pencil and draw, as well as       reconnecting people with art in a whole new way. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School Dublin Branch was established in May 2010, hosting monthly live art events in Dublin City, growing in popularity and outgrowing smaller venues. As well as catering to the city’s artistic and creative community with regular monthly events. The brand new Galway branch was established in March 2014 and has been embraced by the city known as “Ireland’s Cultural Heart”.

At Shakefest 2014, Dr. Sketchy will be bringing the Circus to town with models and performers Kerri Katastrophe and Sarah Vixyn. Our naughty lion will be misbehaving for the Ring Master during our two sessions. We look forward to being joined by talented artists and amateur sketchers for our first outing at Shakefest in the gorgeous surrounds of Charleville Castle.


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€12 To Be Booked In Advance if possible to avoid disappointment!

Indian Classical Dance

Come get a taste of India with an Introductory workshop to Indian classical dance with Kalaasankya Dance. Learn some basic movements, hand gestures and facial expressions.The workshop will begin with warm up exercises and end with a choreographed piece.The session will be done barefoot.

The Ballroom: 15:30 – 17:00

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Burlesque Fanveils (General Level)

Silk Fans for Burlesque: 90 Minute Workshop with Azaria Starfire

Introduction to Silk Fans for Burlesque, focusing on basic fan skills & fabric manipulation. Learn a two minute routine in the Classic Burlesque Style. Fans provided.

The Morning Room: 11am – 12:30pm

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Burlesque Chairs (Intermediate Level)

Chair Dancing for Burlesque: 90 minute workshop with Azaria Starfire

An introduction to Chair Dancing skills and technique. Learn a fast paced, fun, 2 minute choreography in a Rockabilly/Burlesque style.

The Morning Room: 12:30 – 14:00

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Tahitian Dance

Tahiti Tamure is a Tribal and gracious dance from Pacific islands, Bora Bora, Hawai Hula… Learn a fun Polynesian dance routine with Hinatea, young and energetic French-Polynesian dance teacher!

Similar to Bellydance for its feminity and graciousness, and as energetic and fun as Zumba, try a new dance style!!! Great positive benefits.

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The Morning Room 14:00-15:30

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- all drop-in workshops will take place in the Grand Ballroom (except the large drumming which will be outside) and can be outside weather permitting and appropriate.

- all scheduled times above are subject to change at any time.

- all workshops (except big drum) is a minimum drop in donation of €5 to be paid up front before workshop begins.

- all SPECIALTY DANCE workshops take place in the Morning Room and Dining Room (Tahetian Dance), are €12 and need to be booked in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Contact to book in advance. Payment can take place at the Workshop Registration Desk.

- Fuinneamh Drum experience is a FREE INTERACTIVE EVENT 4 times throughout the day.