World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
May 30th & May 31st, 2015

Saturday Workshop & Activity Schedule

Saturday, May 30th  Workshop Schedule

TIMEThe Morning Room
12:00-13:30Nutrition & Fitness for Bellydancers
13:30-15:00Sha’abi Egyptian Dance
15:00-16:00Bollywood Fusion
16:00-18:00 Tribal Dance Masterclass
TIMEThe Ballroom
12:00-13:00Drama – Improv 
13:00–14.00Sword Workshop
14:00-15.00 Intro to Medieval Dance
15.00-16.00Hip Hop 
16.00-17.00 Jive Inferno






Hip Hop with Cayisha Graham

www.ciaradrennan.comGet ready for the basic techniques of Old School Hip Hop!
An introduction to where and what Hip Hop is about, and where the steps originate  from.  We will be learning the basic 2 step as this helps in all areas of Hip Hop,  especially as a linking step and it also helps in preparation for floor work in Break  Dance.  We will also be trying Body Rocking technique!  It helps to condition the  body and can also be used in so many different areas variations.  

  The Ballroom: 3-4pm

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Introduction to Improv for All Ages with Gillian Harrington

Drama photo  Gillian harrington coordinator of STARlings drama group and member of TADS will   be  running an improv workshop.  The workshop will be based on an introduction to  improvisation while combining team work and confidence building in the process.    The  workshop will also be a fun and bonding experience for all ages, so prepare to  come  together and connect with your inner drama queen!

  The Ballroom: 12-1PM

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 Introduction to Medieval Dance with Sam Burke of Nuada

11039703_671407246323521_1564331820_n  I shall attempt to teach two group dances The Farandole, an early medieval  line dance  similar to the modern An Dro. The Bransle (Brawle) ,a circle dance    with actions .One  of the most popular dances of the renaissance in all levels of  society, and finally the  Pavanne, a courtly dance from the 1500s danced in  couples accompanied by me on  Hurdy-Gurdy for the farandole and Brawle and  on Lute for the Pavanne.

   The Ballroom:  2-3pm

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Fuinneamh Interactive Drum Experience – FREE ACTIVITY ALL AFTERNOON

Our gigantic drum experience is more a freestyle drum circle with some beats shown when needed to keep the tempo moving and flowing.We will start playing and invite people to join in with a basic rhythm usually changing the beat and a little stop every 15 mins so people can give sticks back or pass them on.

This way, those who wish to keep playing can. This will last an hour then a break of 15 minutes and we start again for another hr. for 4 – 1hr sessions spread over the day. This setup is ideal for people to drop in and try the drum and learn from the communal experience of performing

beats together – it is especially ideal for participants of all ages and families to experience it together.

4 FREE 1hr long sessions throughout the afternoon

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Battle Re-enactment Sword Workshop with Davy Caves of KHI

Shakefest 2014 _ Ciara Drennan-28

A basic introduction to the rudiments of sword work in stage combat like in such  shows as Game of Thrones, Vikings, and Outlander using sprung  steel weapons  (SWORDS!)

Ages 12 and up only.  Only 10 spots available. Props supplied.  Additional workshops can be added  on Sunday if extra interest.

    The Ballroom: 1-2pm

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Jive Inferno with Lekan Akinyemi

Jive Inferno pic

Now that I can Dance! A modern jive introductory workshop for all, designed to get you  on  the dance floor and owning it. We’ll teach you how to listen with your feet which then  gives  you the proper foundation for whatever style of dancing you fancy. With over 12  years of  getting Ireland jiving, Lekan & Peggy of Jive Inferno invites you a this fun filled  dance  evening.

  The Ballroom:  4-5pm


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Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

 Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School








Dr. Sketchy’s is a multi-disciplinary spectacle, incorporating visual art, installations, performance,     music and pushing outside of these fields – taking art out of the studio, making it accessible and connecting with people who otherwise would never pick up a pencil and draw, as well as       reconnecting people with art in a whole new way. Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School Dublin Branch was established in May 2010, hosting monthly live art events in Dublin City, growing in popularity and outgrowing smaller venues. As well as catering to the city’s artistic and creative community with regular monthly events. The brand new Galway branch was established in March 2014 and has been embraced by the city known as “Ireland’s Cultural Heart”.

At Shakefest 2014, Dr. Sketchy will be bringing the Circus to town with models and performers Kerri Katastrophe and Sarah Vixyn. Our naughty lion will be misbehaving for the Ring Master during our two sessions. We look forward to being joined by talented artists and amateur sketchers for our first outing at Shakefest in the gorgeous surrounds of Charleville Castle.


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€12 To Be Booked In Advance if possible to avoid disappointment!

Burlesque with Azaria Starfire


Workshop description coming soon

    The Morning Room: 11-12:00pm





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Build on Solid Ground: Nutrition & Fitness for Bellydancers with Stacey McPartlin

Stacey dancer

In this workshop we will explore dance fitness and build a strong full-body workout with    correct techniques which can be used as a warm-up to dance or simply a work-out. In  addition  we will discuss personal and exercise nutrition with various health eating plans. You  will be  provided with a detailed class notes and will receive 10% off any future workshops  with Stacey  McPartlin. For more information check out our website

   photo by Nadia Gativa

  The Morning Room: 12:00 – 1:30pm

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Egyptian Sha’abi Dance with Pharaon & Ann Marie

Pharaon and Ann Marie 1

Join Pharaon & Ann-Marie for Egyptian Shaabi!
Egyptian Shaabi Dance evolved from the style of Baladi. It is a dance of joy        and celebration, originally performed in the streets. In this workshop you      will learn a fun, authentic and dynamic choreography, let go off technique    and dance with attitude. This workshop is open level but energy and attitude    are a must.

The Morning Room: 1:30-3pm

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Bollywood Fusion Dance with Bollywood Fusion Ireland

Bollywood Fusion Ireland

Bollywood dance is the commercial name for modern Indian dance which  has its origin in the Mumbai based film industry. It is the foundation of  every great Bollywood movie and is a fusion of numerous styles of dance  such as classical Indian, folk, Latin, Arabian, and Western modern  dances.Rhythm, energy, facial expressions and artistic movement is all  that is needed to have lots of fun with us! So join us and dive right into  the lively and colourful culture of India.


Since the release of Punjabi Mc’s ‘Mundian to Bach ke’ and the Pussycat Dolls Smash hit ‘Jai ho’ Bollywood has been taking the world by storm and this has lead to numerous high profile artist and dancers entering the genre.  Learn some of Bollywood’s most famous moves to one of Indias No.1 songs.

This workshop is open to every level of dancers and no prior knowledge or training is required.

The Morning Room 3-4pm

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- all drop-in workshops will take place in the Grand Ballroom (except the large drumming which will be outside) and can be outside weather permitting and appropriate.

- all scheduled times above are subject to change at any time.

- all workshops (except big drum) is a minimum drop in donation of €5 to be paid up front before workshop begins.

- all SPECIALTY DANCE workshops take place in the Morning Room and Dining Room (Tahetian Dance), are €12 and need to be booked in advance in order to avoid disappointment. Contact to book in advance. Payment can take place at the Workshop Registration Desk.

- Fuinneamh Drum experience is a FREE INTERACTIVE EVENT 4 times throughout the day.