World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
May 26th & 27th, 2018

Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition

Shakefest would like to also celebrate its 10th year of art and culture by running its first ever art exhibition in the suitably named and hosted William Morris Room of Charleville Castle, of which historical artisan and craftmanship was and still is present today. We are delighted to host 2 local artists Aimee Gillen and Tracy McEvoy, and international guest artist Benjamin Rabe from Germany.


Tracy McEvoy – 9 Cups at the Castle – Paintings

Tracy McEvoy

Tracy McEvoy is an emerging artist in Tullamore with past exhibitions  including collaborations with Foundation 14’s Brendan Fox and a recent  exhibition ‘9 Cups at the Castle’ last year at Aras An Chonte, in association  with the County Council Arts Office. Knowing her since 2003, I have  witnessed alot of the process in which she completes her paintings and I find  a trend emerging – objects, design, emotions, symbolism layered together.

Tracy’s latest set of paintings I believe are a chronology of her life which has  changed drastically in the last few years, encompassing the love for creativity  and expression of these life events through the symbolism of the Tarot – a  rotating wheel of chance. Again a trend emerges within it – an appreciation  for design of Neo-Gothic origins. This is where Charleville Castle comes into play. Charleville Castle as most know, sits just 1.5 miles outside of the town of Tullamore for a good 200 years now. Originally built by the 2nd Earl of Charleville Charles William Bury, both he and his wife Katherine were avid art history enthusiasts who insisted the castle be constructed in the most avant gard design of its time, which happened to be in the Neo-Gothic style of the late 1700’s-early 1800’s. The Castle is laden with Masonic Symbolism such as roses and Fleur de Lis in the main rooms like the Ballroom, Dining room and Music room. Many an artist has admired the design and craftsmanship that has gone into these rooms. Today, Charleville Castle is a beacon of dedication with its members and volunteers like Tracy who continuously seek to aid in its sustainability by sharing an aspect of it with our community.

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Benjamin Rabe – German iPad Projection Artist

Benjamin Rabe
Benjamin Rabe is a freelance web-designer, wandering through the mists of the social web, HTML and CSS at daytime.

At nightime he paints on the iPhone (for some reason mainly bunnies) and runs his blog.

Benjamin lives and paints in Hamburg, Germany. He has many projects on the go as well as a Building Projection Art collaboration with Fabric Lenny, to make up Bunny & The Beardman, who will be running a projection show on Charleville Castle at 10pm at Shakefest.

Benjamin also runs educational iPad painting workshops with children and community groups and then projecting their artwork with their own on various concrete, stone and wood canvases, much like what he and Fabric Lenny will be doing for Shakefest 10 this year, with Tullamore’s own Coder Dojo.

Benjamin will be running a reel of his past works onscreen in the William Morris Room during Shakefest weekend.

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Aimee Gillen – Paintings

organised chaos LR  Aimee Gillen’s highly sophisticated acrylic and glass pieces meld organic    forms with unbelievable colour. Her works are sensual two-dimensional  pieces  painted on canvases several feet across. Because her materials can be  alternately  very thin or thick, Gillen is able to express a physicality that can  change  in  several times over the course of one piece. The pieces are  largely abstract,  with some series featuring stylized figures. Many contain  tantalizing hints of  recognizable organic or human forms. But mainly the  work is about rich, almost  impossible colour and complex organisation. Gillen  practically constructs her  compositions, they are so layered; her shapes  surround, envelop, and fold in on  each other, taking unanticipated turns and  hanging element on top of element.
The movements are fragile and robust in turn. The palette is ambitious in its extent and simply incredible in its richness and capacity for reflecting and refracting light. Gillen is an Irish artist who currently lives in Dublin. She has mounted several exhibitions in her home country.
View Aimee’s Work HERE