World Cultures Dance and Arts Festival
May 30th & May 31st, 2015



Shakefest is only weeks away from our spectacular 10th Year Celebration!


ROLL ON SHAKEFEST 2015, our 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY! On Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st, Shakefest will once again open up to more families and children’s interactive activities, with the same great Cultural Dance and Arts performances and events. Go ahead! Check it all out!  As part of our celebrations, we will be having prizes and 10th Birthday gifts at the gate and at Midlands 103 Road Show so get to the festival early before they all run out!

SHAKEFEST – A CELEBRATION OF DANCE is a successful venture associated with Charleville Castle’s many successful creative and musical pursuits towards a gathering of local spirit. The 10th annual ShakeFest will take place once more this summer (May 30th -May 31st) at Charleville Castle. This is a community run holistic fair day for families, international dance enthusiasts and anyone active!

Different types of dance and culture are easily available in larger communities and cities in Ireland, and in bringing such a variety ‘Shake – A Celebration of Dance’ helps link such creativity together at Charleville Castle, Tullamore.

Shake consists of an educational series of dance workshops starting from 12pm Saturday, May 30th and Sunday, May 31st along with an evening of cultural performances starting at 8pm on Saturday, May 30th. It is purposely orchestrated with a multicultural and international theme; in line with a new Ireland, that leads to an evening of a multicultural dance of excellence.

Shake over the past years has grown from a day of Energy, Movement and Dance to a unique week-end of multicultural and international relaxation and holistic living – Come for the week-end – stay locally or camp around the castle – but also, if you prefer, just pop-in for your preferred course – this is a special time-out for everyone – every age – every taste – a community switching-on!

ALL of Shakefest’s proceeds go to The Charleville Castle Restoration Fund which aids in sustaining important intercultural volunteer training programmes, the 200 year old Neo-Gothic structure itself, and future fundraisers. This particular event sponsors operation RAISE THE ROOF – in which all proceeds will go towards the construction of a new roof on the castle chapel. Charleville Castle is an Independent Arts and Culture Center of the Irish Midlands and encourages arts, culture and dance mediums of all kinds.

SHAKEFEST would like to thank the following sponsors and local supporters:

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